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Albania Rent

Albania Property Rental 

Once you have committed to our rental management plan, we then take photos of your property and upload them on our rental website as well as the other international portals with which we cooperate. In addition we advertise your property in different directories, search engines, and magazines as well as with tour operators.  We cover all aspects of supervising the rental agreement.

Albania Rent ( operates under the umbrella of Albania Estate and has been offering apartments, villas, offices and commercial buildings for rent in Albania since 2005, with hundreds of satisfied customers.

• Comprehensive expertise and knowledge of local market.
• Exposure of your property to international renting portals.
• Advertising for free in our web sites.
• Detailed records and accounting reports.
• Professional screening of tenants.
• Professional relationship with tenants.
• Increased occupancy rates through strict screening and constant supervision.
• Efficient rent collections.

Fees, terms and conditions for renting of a property:

  • Renting period: Up to 3 Months
    • Commission from the owner: 10% of total rent to be received
    • Commission from the client: 10% of total rent to be paid, 20 euro for the cleaning and 2 euro/day for electricity expenses
  • Renting period:  4 Months – 6 Months
    • Commission from the owner: 35% of one month rent
    • Commission from the client: 25% of one month rent
  • Renting period:  7 Months – 12 Months
    • Commission from the owner: 80% of one month rent
    • Commission from the client: 30% of one month rent
  • Renting period:  13 Months – 24 Months
    • Commission from the owner: 100% of one month rent
    • Commission from the client: 50% of one month rent
  • Renting period:  2 Years – 5 Years
    • Commission from the owner: 160% of one month rent
    • Commission from the client: 70% of one month rent