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Land for Sale in Albania Riviera, Ksamil

beds | 30,000 sq m
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Property Details:

About this Property:

3 hectares (30,000sqm) beachfront land in Ksamil, Saranda, Albania. Priced at €70 per sqm. Prices are negotiable.

This plot of land of 3 hectares is ideal for villas, hotels, casinos and residential resorts or any type of resort as it sits in one of the most pristine locations of the Albanian Southern Riviera. Nearby only few kilometers away from the land is located the ancient city of Butrint which occupies a small peninsula between the Straits of Corfu and Lake Butrint.

Ksamil is a small coastal village in southern Albania, opposite the northern end of the Greek Island of Corfu. It is also one of the most frequented coastal resorts, both by domestic and foreign tourists. It is located south of the city of Saranda, off the road to Butrint.

The ancient ruins of Butrint are located about 11 miles south of Saranda and are of special interest if you are into interesting insights into ancient world ruins. Virgil claimed that the Trojans settled Butrint, but no evidence of this has yet been found, and the site has been pored over by archaeologists trying to prove it.

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