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Buy Saranda Property – The Jewel of Albanian Riviera

Buy Saranda Property – The Jewel of Albanian Riviera

You have just driven through the Pass of Gjashta when all of a sudden the vast blue expanse of the Ionian Sea captures your eye. Quite instinctively your sight sways gently over the waves, slides slowly along the shores and stops at the unexpected amazing view of an enormous amphitheater  which ascends step wise up the slope of the hills, with the parallel streets, the green parks, the palm trees, the tropical bougainvillea plants, the two-stored houses and the multi-colored blocks of flats.

This is Saranda! It is the southernmost harbor of Albania, “the pearl of the south”, “the jewel of Riviera”, “the Ionian lily”, the favorite place for holiday makers”, “the adorable inspiration of the poets”, “the muse of artists and photographers”, “the honeymoon escape for newlyweds”, “the delight of sea-lovers.” It is a unique Mediterranean beauty, which the generosity of nature and the human touch have shaped, in perfect harmony.

Above these epithets Saranda is the beloved town of its inhabitants who are simple, hard-working and generous people, with a Mediterranean temperament and good sense of humor, inheritors of a traditional hospitality you encounter wherever you go in town. Behind the appearance of a young beauty, this picturesque town preserves deep in its bosom, for thousands of years the treasures of an ancient culture and civilization handed down from generation to generation. Saranda, which is the center of the southernmost district of Albania, is a prosperous region with varied attractions, plants and mountains, rivers and lakes, springs and virgin beaches, citrus plantations, olive groves and vineyards, pastures and woods, fish and shellfish farming, desirable hunting places… In short, the right place for the development of tourism.

By providing you with these unpretentious notes and artistic shots of the photographic camera we dare to raise the veil covering the beauty of the nymph so that you may satisfy your curiosity about its graces and start flirting with it.

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